Bruce Trail Association

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The Bruce Trail Association was incorporated under the laws of Ontario on March 13, 1963.


On behalf of members and the people of Ontario, the Bruce Trail Association is responsible for:

  • handling overall administration, membership and finances.
  • ensuring Trail design, construction and maintenance standards.
  • providing a unified, consistent voice on behalf of the Bruce Trail when dealing with the government, business and other trail and conservation groups.
  • promoting the Bruce Trail and the conservation ethic through the news media, schools, conferences, etc
  • coordinating and providing leadership to local Bruce Trail Clubs in carrying out their respective activities.
  • promoting volunteer training and development.
  • maintaining detailed property records
  • producing The Bruce Trail News and other publications.
  • actively pursuing the securing of the route of the Trail by purchasing land, arranging easements, access agreements, etc.


The headquarters and administrative offices of the Association are located in the historic Raspberry House, in the Royal Botanical Gardens Arboretum grounds, in Dundas, ON.

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