John DeCou

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John DeCou (also spelled DeCew) was born in Vermont in 1766.

He came to Upper Canada as a young United Empire Loyalist and became a pioneer farmer, fruit grower, and industrialist.

He married Catherine Dockstetter in 1798. They had eleven children.

DeCou was a militia officer since 1809.

He was taken prisoner after the capture of Niagara and Ft. George on May 27, 1813 (by who?).

He escaped from captivity in 1814.

After the war he developed this property now known as DeCew House. The area became the hamlet of DeCew Town, and later became DeCew Falls. He advocated and became a director of the first Welland Canal. When the route was changed, his mills were left without water power. Because of the diversion of water away from his mills, he sold the property in 1834.

He died in 1855 at Decewsville in Haldimand.

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