DeCew House

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A stone house, in the vicinity of what is now known as DeCew Falls, where Capt. John DeCou, his wife and children lived through the war (War of 1812).

The home was also used as a military post and supply point at various times.

After the war ended, DeCou restored and developed the property. The area became the hamlet of DeCew Town, and later became DeCew Falls.

When a reroute to the Welland Canal left his mills without water power, DeCou sold the property in 1834.

The purchaser, David Griffiths, and his descendants occupied the house until 1942.

The house and surrounding property were subsequently acquired by the Hydro Electric Power Commission of Ontario for the extension of the DeCew Falls Generating Station.

It was destroyed in 1950 by fire.

It was preserved in its present state and a commemorative tablet placed in 1952 by the Hydro Electric Power Commission of Ontario.

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