Niagara Section

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The first section of the trail was officially opened in March 1962 (what date?).

A plaque at the Bucknall farm in Beamsville commemorates the first blaze that was marked on the trail.

The first completed section was between Rockway Conservation Area and Balls Falls.

The Niagara Section was completed by October of 1963. It was completed before any of the other sections of the Bruce Trail.

By estimates, it took 1,600 hours of work to complete, at a cost of $127 to the Bruce Trail Committee.

Norman Pearson, first President of the Bruce Trail Association was quoted to say, “The Bruce Trail would not have gotten off the ground had Bert Lowe not completed the Niagara Section”.

In 1970, a stone cairn made of local fieldstone was built at the Southern Terminus of the Bruce Trail. Most of the stone was gathered by members of the Niagara Bruce Trail Club. The cairn was unveiled on September 19, 1970. A copy of the 1970 edition of the Bruce Trail Guide Book was sealed inside the cairn.

Niagara Bruce Trail Club Grapevine, Fall 2014 issue.

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