What’s the best place on the Bruce Trail to see a sunrise?

Inviting Bruce Trail hikers of all sections to participate in an extraordinary adventure!

Our objective is to find the best spots along the Bruce Trail to see a sunrise.

This is an opportunity for members of the hiking community to get outdoors, have fun, connect with other members and share their favourite spots.

What we are looking for: members to take pictures or video of a sunrise from a vantage point near the Bruce Trail in the Niagara section, and share the story of what it took to capture that moment. These images and stories will be shared on the website hellobrucetrail.com for all to enjoy.

Share this opportunity with members of your hiking community, and invite them to participate. They can send their video clips, photos, stories, and anything else they would like to share to hellobrucetrail@gmail.com.

Thank you in advance for your contribution!