Swayze Falls

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The Bruce Trail website lists 50 wonderful locations on the Bruce Trail with an invitation to visit and explore. One of them, in Niagara section, is Swayze Falls, located in Short Hills Provincial Park near St. Catharines.

The description of Swayze Falls is given as,

In the Spring water from a local creek plunges over Swayze Falls. In other seasons the waterfall all but dries up, showing the beautiful sequence of Niagara Escarpment shales and dolostones. Look for more information about the Falls at the lookout platform.

On a summer afternoon in early July, my buddy Matt and I decided to make a spontaneous hike to look for Swayze Falls. Given the description of the falls as all but dries up, I half hoped yet didn’t seriously expect that we would see the water running.

We were pleasantly surprised. The previous weekend had been rainy and even though several hot summer days intervened between the last rain fall and our visit, they weren’t enough to completely erase the water flow.

Matt was brave enough to scamper over the rocks near the edge of the falls and capture some video footage.

I created a rough title sequence based on a tutorial by Andrew Kramer and edited in Matt’s footage.

Watch the video below for an excerpt.

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