Bruce Trail Timeline

January 1

John DeCou is born

John DeCou is born in Vermont in 1766.
January 1

John DeCou marries Catherine Dockstetter

John DeCou marries Catherine Dockstetter. They have 11 children.
January 1

John DeCou joins the militia

John DeCou joins the militia.
January 1

John DeCou taken prisoner

Capt. John DeCou, is taken prisoner after the capture of Niagara and Ft. George on May 27, 1813.
January 1

John DeCou sells DeCew house to David Griffiths

When a reroute to the Welland Canal left his mills without water power, DeCou sold the property now known as DeCew House, in 1834 to David Griffiths.
January 1

John DeCou dies at Decewsville in Haldimand

John DeCou dies in 1855 at Decewsville in Haldimand.
January 1

Griffiths family leaves DeCew House

David Griffiths and his descendants occupied DeCew House until 1942, when it was acquired by the Hydro Electric Power Commission of Ontario for the extension of the DeCew Falls Generating Station.
March 1

Ray Lowes proposes continuous footpath along Niagara Escarpment

Ray Lowes proposes the idea of a continuous footpath along the Niagara Escarpment from Niagara to Tobermory, to the Federation of Ontario Naturalists, in March 1960.
September 1

First meeting of Bruce Trail Committee

First meeting of Bruce Trail Committee. First members were: Chairman: Prof. Norman Pearson Secretary: R.N. Lowes Philip Gosling Dr. Robert MacLaren
March 13

Bruce Trail Association incorporates

The Bruce Trail Association is incorporated under the laws of Ontario.
January 1

First guidebook is published

The first guidebook is published by Dr. Aubrey Diem, an assistant professor of Geography at the University of Waterloo.
June 10

Bruce Trail officially opens

The Bruce Trail is completed in 1967 and is officially opened by the Hon. Rene Brunelle, Minister of Lands and Forests of Ontario, at a ceremony in Tobermory on June 10, 1967.
September 19

Stone cairn unveiled in Queenston Heights at Southern Terminus

In 1970, a stone cairn made of local fieldstone was built at the Southern Terminus of the Bruce Trail. Most of the stone was gathered by members of the Niagara Bruce Trail Club. The cairn was unveiled on September 19, 1970. A copy of the 1970 edition of the Bruce..Read More
January 1

GPS technology used to map the trail

The BTC starts using GPS technology to capture the detailed route of the Bruce Trail. Prior to this the trail was being measured with a measuring wheel – a custom made bicycle wheel which was easier to maneuver on the terrain.